Gradesmatch connects high school learners to further education opportunities for FREE!!!

About Us

Gradesmatch is web-application that allows:
> High School learners to MATCH their GRADES to opportunities for further Education
> Non-profit organisations to manage learner performances
> Corporates to manage mentor and mentee relationships for CSI initiatives
> Tutoring and assessment companies to advertise their services, directly to learners
> Parents to plan ahead for their children career path


We don't discriminate :), it doesn't matter what device you have, you can access Gradesmatch on the web

Why Gradesmatch ?

You are probably wondering why our system is best for you as a learner, corporate, mentor or tutoring company... here is why:


Studying without a goal is quite boring. Gradesmatch allows you to see what goals you should be targeting for each term to get into your dream career.

Career information

Some of us don't even know where to start when we have to search about different careers. Gradesmatch has an easy to use career search function.


Keeping track of all applications deadlines can be tedious, especially when you're worried about exams. Gradesmatch keeps track of bursary and institutions application deadlines


Match your current school grades to opportunities in higher learning institutions and academic funding opportunities.

The web-application of choice
for South African learners

If your friends are not on Gradesmatch yet, buddy, go and find cooler friends :)


As the learners' mobile system of choice, this is what you get on Gradesmatch


Search for the career of your choice


Match your current school grades to opportunities in higher learning institutions and academic funding opportunities.


Hear from our industry experts on how they achieved their career goals, what their careers entail and the challenges they faced in their individual journeys.


View higher learning institutions across South Africa. Learn more about qualifications they offer.


Find out how you can improve your marks to step closer to achieving your dream career.


Interact in a fun way with friends and professionals on your timeline and wall.

Gradesmatch strongly believes in COLLABORATION. We work with everyone who is impacting young high school learners across South Africa. From Non-profit Organisations, Schools, Corporates to Tutoring Companies. Our Education solution is tailored for EVERYONE!!

Partner solutions

Mentor & Mentee management solution| NPO Volunteer management solution| Career Awareness Workshops| Bursary management solutions for social impact projects | Research reports on high school pupils | Market surveys | Classroom marks management

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Average minutes spent by user/session

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