Premium R12000

Bridge strategy

A digitised application strategy that considers your academic performance, your qualification or career interests, and locations where you would like to study and provides a comprehensive approach regarding what you should apply for and where which give you the best chance of success in achieving your dreams. It provides you with data driven reasons for every suggestion to make it easier for you to understand why certain options are more applicable than others.

Bridge monitoring and tracking tool

Manage and update your application status as you get feedback from them to diarize application outcomes and track progress with your applications throughout the year

Goal recommendation tool

Bridge will create an automated academic goal for you relative to your application strategy to help you track your performance throughout the year and keep you motivated. You can also update your marks termly and track them against your goal to see if you are getting closer to achieving it.

Application deadline notifications

Receive emails from institutions which you have applied to and track the feedback. Bridge will provide you SMS reminders as it arrives

NBT assessment booking

Bridge will provide you a list of personalised bursaries or scholarships that you can consider applying to, along with notifications of their application closing dates

Bursary recommendations

Bridge team will liaise with you to book an NBT test when it is most suitable for you

Bursary or any related funding application

Bridge team will conduct applications to a range of funding opportunities aligned to your strategy. Bridge will consider bursaries, scholarships, student loans, ISFAP and NSFAS options in finding alternative ways to fund your studies

University tuition report

Bridge will provide you an expected tuition cost report through which your family can start planning the costs which you will be required to pay from registration, tuition and accommodation in your first year.

Residence application

Bridge team will assist you in securing accommodation in your 1st year, whether it is at university residence or private accommodation which is suitable to your tastes and budget. We ensure that the transition from home/schooling to university is as seamless as possible

Application strategist

An application strategist is a senior and experienced member in the Bridge team who will be responsible for walking the journey with you and your family for your applications. They help you understand the options, plan for the future, connect you with career mentors and ensure your application journey is smooth.

Dedicated team of consultants

A dedicated team of consultants acts to support your application journey ensuring your applications are processed timeously, you are aware of any key dates such as NBT tests, portfolio requirements, assessments and ensure your application journey is smooth.

3 career pathways

There are 3 career pathways which you can choose from which the Bridge strategist will help you navigate through and learn more about so that you apply for programmes with full insight about the career possibilities

Job shadowing up to 3 days / 3 conversations with industry experts

The bridge strategist will provide access to individuals in industry who can provide a real world experience of their jobs. These individuals would be related to your preferred pathway and you would be able to ask various questions during you time with them. You will get up to 3 conversations with industry personal.

Application fee subsidy up to R2250

An application fee subsidy means that the fees will be subsidized to the value of R2000, any fee over and above that would have to be added to your total fees paid

All institutions that offer career pathway in RSA

Bridge team, under the guidance of the strategist, will apply to every single higher learning institituion that offers the career paths you are interested in pursuing.